Shopify Plugin for Instant Payouts

Save 2% per transaction and Get Unlimited Instant Payouts around the world

Make a sale now, receive it now - no more 2-7 days waiting time. No daily instant payout limit, no country limit.

Make Sale Now, Receive & Spend Now

Do not wait 2-7 days for payouts. Most companies say they can offer fast payouts, but at best case can only offer payouts within 2 days, and let's not forget weekends that add additional 2 days delay. With Myuser whatever you transact this moment, you will get into Myuser credit card, which you can spend on Ads and inventory. By simply using our plugin you don't stop the cash flow of your business.

Fast & Stable Approval

Get Approved in minutes, connect Stripe & Shopify store

Save 2% per transaction

Shopify usually charges up to 2% transaction fees when you connect Stripe account. With Myuser, Shopify won't charge extra transaction fees, and plus you will get all benefits of our services.

Reinvest money you earned

Get your payouts instantly via Myuser credit card, spend on ads & inventory

No More Shopify Transaction fees Shopify charges you 2% per transaction if you are using Stripe directly and you are not getting any of those benefits

Myuser Plugin - PRO (For High Risk Companies) Myuser Plugin Shopify & Direct Stripe
Inline Payment Fields
Remove 2% fee per transaction
Receive Payouts Instantly
Prevent chargebacks
Free Fraud Detection
Payout to all countries
Release Reserve
Protect against funds getting frozen
Distribute traffic to more than one Stripe account
Fees per transaction Usually Lower than 2% 1% 2%
Save 2% per transaction

Pay Less - Get More

You are paying Shopify transaction fees for Stripe and getting nothing in return. Let's fix this

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For High-Growth Businesses

One Plugin that handles all together

Get approved, install Our Shopify Plugin - Save 2% per transaction. See all your payments, payouts & credit cards all in one place.

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SaaS preview
SaaS preview


1% per transaction

+ Processor Fees (ex: 2.9%+30¢)

High-growth Fast Approval
Fast Signup Prevent Chargebacks
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3.9% + 50¢
per payment

  • Save 1% On Shopify Fees.
  • No Frozen Funds.
  • Integrate in few seconds.
  • No setup or hidden fees.
  • Real-time fee reporting for all payment processors

The First Premium Merchant Account

No more Frozen Accounts, Funds - This is the last time you are searching for payment solution

Accept any online payments.

Our API will help your company to accept payments all over the world.

Premium Merchant Account

If you need Higher Risk Merchant Account, we will change it on the background and you will not need to worry about finding one ever

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