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The First Non Frozen Funds Payment Gateway For
High-Growth Businesses

Prevent Your Funds Getting Frozen.

Protect Your Funds

You have 0 disputes, and one day you receive this - "Due to the high risk of disputes, we have to hold your funds for 90 days" or you get huge reserves (25%-75%) . Myuser prevents this from happening by managing the risk itself way different than all other processors

Fast & Stable Approval

All companies that approves fast, blocks fast except MyUser. We approve fast, and we constantly scale your account setup as you scale your business.

Optimized for High-Growth

All other processor will complain about you growing fast instead of scaling with you and building better infrastructure.

Optimized for growth

Processors don't like high growth companies, their underwriting is not designed to support high-growth. However, We do support high-growth companies by constantly underwrite your company every hour automatically

For High-Growth Businesses

World Class Dashboard, Plugins, API and many more

Get approved, install plugins and you are ready to go - Dashboard is so intuitive that you won't need to learn anything new. For business owners, we have easy to install plugins which takes few mins to install. If you are developer, we also have world-class API documentation which is easier than even most popular payment APIs.

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SaaS preview


Europe:4.9% + 50¢ USA:5.9% + 50¢ per transaction

High-growth Fast Approval
Fast Signup Prevent Chargebacks
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Unique Benefits



3.9% + 50¢
per payment

  • Save 1% On Shopify Fees.
  • No Frozen Funds.
  • Integrate in few seconds.
  • No setup or hidden fees.
  • Real-time fee reporting for all payment processors

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